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Heinz Tomato Juice

Heinz Tomato Juice comes from high quality tomatoes grown in Canada from Heinz Seed. They have exceptional sweetness and taste which results in superior flavour and a rich red colour. The Heinz brand name is the assurance of the highest quality with guaranteed satisfaction and unbeatable consistency. All of these qualities can be found in our Tomato Juice!

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When you offer Heinz Tomato Juice to your customers you're serving them right. Heinz Tomato Juice can be a high margin and profitable addition to your menu, generating 'add-on' sales.

Heinz Tomato Juice at the beginning of a meal perks up the palate and compliments your great food. It's a nutritious choice for your health conscious customers.

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Tomato & Citrus Cocktail



1 cup(s) (250 ml)  Heinz Tomato Juice Bulk (tins)  (76000565 - 12x1.36L Case) 
1 cup(s) (250 ml)  Orange Juice
1 tbsp (5 ml)  L&P Worcestershire Sauce (76001540 - 12x142ml Case) 
1 tbsp (5 ml)
Lemon juice (fresh)
½ tsp (2.5 ml)  Basil 
1 wedge
Lemon wedge 



Mix all ingredients together.  Garnish each glass with a slice of lemon or lime as well as a pinch of cinnamon, if desired.



Serve in pre-chilled glasses