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From sinful milkshakes to sensational desserts, we've got sweet syrups and tantalizing toppings for you.

Banana Chocolate Tostada


11 oz (320 g)  Country Smith Pralines & Cream 
1 oz (40 g)
Richardson Butterscotch Topping (76000973 - 8x1L Case) 
4 pieces  Flour Tortillas 
2 pieces  Bananas (medium)
7 oz (200 g)  Richardson Deluxe Chocolate Hot Fudge Topping (76000977 - 8x1.5L Case)
4 oz (100 g)  Cream cheese 
2 oz (50 g)  Sugar 
0 oz (10 g)  Cinnamon


Spread 50 grams of Richardson Deluxe Chocolate Fudge and 25 grams of cream cheese in the middle of a flour tortilla.


Cut the bananas into slices and place half a banana on top of the chocolate/cream cheese mixture.
Firmly fold both sides of tortilla inward.

In hot oil, deep fry the tortilla for 2-3 minutes.

Roll tortilla in sugar/cinnamon mixture.

Cut in half and serve with a scoop of Country Smith Pralines & Cream ice cream and garnish with RIchardson Butterscotch Topping.

12 serving(s)