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Heinz offers operators a variety of branded creamy and vinaigrette flavours. Renée’s Gourmet, the premium quality brand, has over 25 flavours with new ones being continuously added. Richardson is a quality, competitively priced dressing brand, great for back of house operations. 


Asian Noodle Salad


14 oz (400 g)  Shrimp, peeled, cooked 
21 oz (600 g) Noodles, chinese
12 pieces
Chicken breast (boneless)
4 oz (100 g)
Sacallions, chopped
1 oz (25 g)  Sesame seeds
7 oz (200 g)
Richardson Asian Sesame Dressing (76001062 - 2x4L)
9 oz (240 g)
Bean Sprouts


Cook noodles in hot water with salt for three minutes.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and pour Richardson Asian Sesame Dressing

Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Mix Richardson Asian Sesame  with Wasabi for a spicy application.