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Forty Creek BBQ Steak Skewers

Forty Creek BBQ Steak Skewers


62 oz (1750 g)        Tri Tip diced beef

18 oz (500 g)          Red onions

18 oz (500 g)           Mushrooms

18 oz (500 g)          Forty Creek BBQ Sauce (76000798- 2x4L Case)

10 pieces                Skewers, 12-inch



Use half of the Forty Creek BBQ sauce as a marinade for the beef and allow to marinate at least one hour.

Thread beef, onions and mushrooms alternately on each skewer.

Grill kabobs on medium heat for 10 to 12 minutes, turning frequently, until vegetables are tender and beef is cooked to desired liking.

Put on a plate and glaze with the remaining Forty Creek BBQ sauce.



Serve with rice pilaf and a dinner roll.

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