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Chipotle Pizza Wrap


18 oz (500 g)          Ground beef

7 oz (200 g)            Gouda Cheese, shredded

4 oz (100 g)            Olives, black, pitted, sliced

7 oz (200 g)            Mushrooms, raw, sliced

1 oz (40 g)              Chipotle Chili, finely chopped

4 pieces                  Flour Tortillas         

7 oz (200 g)            Heinz Pizza Sauce (76000189 - 6x2.84L )



In a skillet cook beef, mushrooms and chipotle chilli until browned.

Drain excess oil.

Mix in Heinz Pizza Sauce and olives.

Place equal amounts of hot mixture on tortilla and sprinkle with shredded Gouda cheese. Wrap.

Cut it length wise in half.



For a crispy crunch, reheat the tortilla in a 375F oven with some cheese on top of it.

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