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Chicken Skewer Satay

Chicken Skewer Satay


2 pieces                  Chicken breast

2 oz (60 g)              Crushed peanuts

1 oz (30 g)               Peanut butter, chunky style

7 oz (200 g)            Richardson Ultimate Szechwan Sauce (76001052 - 2x4L Case)

20 pieces                Skewers, 12-inch



Slice each chicken breast in ten thin slices and marinate in 100 grams of the Richardson Ultimate Szechwan Sauce for a minimum of three hours.

Skew the marinated chicken slices on the skewers and grill for two minutes on each side.

Over low heat mix the peanut butter and the remaining Richardson Ultimate Szechwan Sauce until smooth.

Serve on a plate with the sauce on the side and sprinkle with some crushed peanuts.



Serve as an appetizer, or as part of an Asian dish.

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