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Buffalo Chicken Panini

Buffalo Chicken Panini


10 pieces               Panini buns

10 pieces               Chicken breast (boneless)

20 pieces               Cheddar Cheese

4 pieces                  Tomato Sliced

20 pieces                Bacon

7 oz (200 g)            Baby Spinach

4 oz (100 g)            Red Onion, chopped

4 oz (100 g)            Richardson's Ranch Dressing (576001015 - 2x4L Case)

4 oz (100 g)            Richardson's Ultimate Medium Wing Sauce (76001074 - 2x4L Case)



Cook the chicken in the oven on 350 F for 15 minutes. Slice the panini bread in half and sauce one side with Richardson's Ranch Dressing and the other with Richardson Ultimate Medium Wing Sauce.

Place the baby spinach, red onions, 2 bacon strips, 4 pieces of sliced tomatoes, chicken and cheese on one half of the panini bun and cover with the other half.

Grill on a panini grill for two minutes.

Slice length wise in half and serve.



The sandwich can be prepped in advance and grilled when ordered.

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