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Innovative Flavours

Innovative Flavours

Keep customers coming back with innovative flavours

In the Canadian foodservice arena, where operators are battling for foot traffic in a take-share environment, injecting bold flavour into your menu is one strategy that you can use to clearly differentiate your concept from competitors. The research clearly shows that Canadian consumers want flavour innovation when they are dining out and it can be very effective in unlocking the kind of cravings that translate into repeat business.

Flavour drives traffic

According to the Technomic Flavour Trend Report, Canada 2013, 73% of consumers say that trying and liking a menu item with an innovative flavour makes them highly likely to return to the restaurant to have the same menu item again.

Additionally, 55% of consumers say they would return to an establishment where they were introduced to an innovative flavour in order to try other items on the menu. Clearly innovative flavours have the power to keep customers coming back for more.

Make it your own

Creating unique offerings that feature unexpected flavour profiles can help you stand out from the crowd and build customer loyalty that translates into a stronger bottom line for your establishment. The Dataessential Menu Monitor 2013 identified the following sauce categories as consumer preferred and showing menu growth:

  • Next-level ethnic - Reach for African, Korean and Middle Eastern sauces to add complexity and depth to your creations.
  • Ethnic spicy - Think sriracha, jalapeno and other bold flavours that give your masterpiece an endorphin-releasing kick.
  • Unique spreads - The sweet/savoury combination in chutneys can meals an exotic touch that makes customers sad to see the last bite disappear.
  • Alcohol infusions - Alcohol adds a distinctive flavour to sauce without any of the intoxicating effects. Try a whisky sauce to take your ribs and wings to a whole new level of finger-licking goodness.

With consumers craving bold new flavours there has never been a better time to get creative in the kitchen adding new signature items to your menu that bring customers in and keep them loyal for the long run.

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