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Comfort Food Chic

Comfort Food Chic

Create grown-up versions of childhood favorites

crab mac & cheese

Comfort food can be as simple as a bowl of chicken noodle soup or as daring as deep-fried macaroni-and-ricotta fritters. The key to cutting-edge comfort food is the tongue-in-cheek twist. Grandma’s meatloaf shows up on the appetizer menu as meatloaf sliders. Grilled cheese sandwiches now feature Swiss, Brie and Cheddar dipped in Chef Francisco Creamy Tomato Bisque

Because consumers are familiar with comfort food, chefs can experiment with bolder flavors and inject a sense of homemade humor. It’s about creating grown-up versions of our childhood favorites.

One part comfort, one part kitsch. Today’s comfort food revolution turns home-style favorites into hipster fare. By using upscale ingredients and using new flavour profiles, craveable dishes become contemporary cuisine.

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