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Next-Generation Heat

Next Generation Heat

Jalapenos get upstaged by new tabletop staple: Hot sauce

red chilisTalk about a hot topic: Consumers are increasingly infatuated with heat and spice for their food. From atomic wing-eating contests to chili pepper festivals, people aren’t showing any signs of breaking up this spicy love affair.

Blame it on the capsaicin – the active component of chili peppers that floods your body with endorphins when ingested.

In the United States, consumers used to measure heat in jalapenos but have expanded their pepper palate to include habanero and guajillo. Still not hot enough? Continue the quest for fiery foods with Bhut Jolokia – the “ghost chili” – the world’s hottest chili pepper if you dare.

Luckily there’s an easy way to join the tongue torture trend: Plant a bottle of Heinz Hot Sauce on your table and watch your sales sizzle.

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