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Calorie Countdown

Calorie Countdown

How to react to menu labeling regulations

The only number we used to see on the menu was price. Today, calorie counts are displayed next to menu descriptions to keep up with labeling regulations.

Restaurants are finding clever ways to market calorie-conscious choices as a benefit. Some are playing the numbers game offering five entrees under 550. Any way you do the math, the debate around menu labeling has not been bland – and the food can’t be either. No matter the molecular makeup, every dish needs a healthy dose of flavor. Focusing on fresh preparation methods with herbs and spices can help customers pump up the palate appeal without adding pounds.

When describing your entrees, the Hartman Group recommends focusing on food benefits, rather than what’s missing. For instance, healthy dining terms are listed in menu descriptions 85% of the time, but only 24% of the time in the item name itself, according to the Foodservice Research Institute.

How will you make calories count on your menu?

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