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Join the food truck revolution

Food Truck 3Perhaps it’s thanks to the influence of television shows like the Food Network Canada’s Eat St., or maybe it’s just another chapter in the foodie revolution, but Canadians have been crying out for more street food. Major urban areas like Toronto and Quebec have answered the call, lifting bans on street vending trucks and running pilot projects in their cities.

The result of this shift in municipal policy has seen street chefs flocking to offer Canadian foodies exciting menu choices that range from comfort food, like burgers, to premium offerings, like fresh seafood. It seems that the possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.

Gaining in popularity

Food Truck 4The rising popularity of food trucks has even led to events being built around this unique and fun way to dine. Take Whitby, Ontario’s Food Truck Frenzy for example. This vibrant event featured 15 food truck chefs delivering unique culinary experiences that included gourmet grilled cheese from Gorilla Cheese, the Maine-style lobster rolls of St. Lawerence Market’s Buster’s Sea Cove and even freshly fired mini donuts from Tiny Tom’s Donuts.

There’s an app for that

Food Truck 2Now that consumers have had a taste of what food trucks have to offer, they are getting more savvy at tracking down their favourite eats. Smartphone apps, like Street Food Vancouver, are available for major urban centers making it easy for hungry consumers to find the daily hours and locations for food truck services. True digital foodies can even check in and share their lunchtime pictures with friends via Twitter and Facebook.

Get in on the action

Food Truck 1Maybe you’re looking to extend a brick-and-mortar business out into the street, like Toronto’s Smoke’s Poutinery. Or perhaps you would like to introduce consumers to a brand new concept in street eats. Either way, food trucks can help you reach more consumers. There are even helpful resources in place to guide the food truck entrepreneur, like the Toronto website that assists with buying trucks, licensing and food handling certifications.

So what are you waiting for? Take your eats to the streets!

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