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Bulk vs. Packets

Bulk vs Packets

Which Ketchup package works harder for you in the front-of-house?

Heinz Ketchup Keystone DispenserWouldn’t you rather serve Heinz?

The Heinz Keystone Dispenser has a lower per-ounce cost as compared to the list price of other branded single-serve packets.

If you menu burgers and fries, and serve more than 225 dine-in meals a week, the Heinz Keystone Dispenser can help reduce cost and simplify daily condiment management.

  • Set it and forget it for up to two weeks
  • Minimal cleaning required
  • Dedicated Heinz Dispensing Solutions service agency

Did you know? One dispenser pack of Heinz Ketchup is equal to 600 single-serve packets. A good strategy for operators can be to serve single-serve packets for carryout and bulk ketchup for back-of-house recipes.