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Drive-thru by Design

Drive-thru by Design

Driving improvements in dashboard dining

Can you go the extra mile when it comes to eating on the road? Drive-thru redesigns can help rev up consumer experiences and accelerate operator efficiencies.
Most drive-thru lanes rely on the driver who is responsible for relaying the menu to backseat diners, placing multiple orders and handing meals to passengers. This can be a hectic experience for your guests and can lead to order inaccuracies. When customers get their meals, you don’t want them to be worried about spilling in on their clothes or upholstery.
How can we drive improvements in the drive-thru lane? How can you delight your guests with dashboard dining?


Step One: Order of Importance

Consider installing menu boards and speaker boxes for both the driver side and passenger side of the car, allowing even those in the back seat visibility to new menu items and LTOs. 

Step Two: What To Do with “The Wait”

After ordering, consumers generally inch along the side of the restaurant building while they wait to arrive at the pick-up window. Capitalize on this captive audience. Turn the blank brick walls into billboards. Advertise featured items to increase repeat traffic, inform your guests about the local charity you are sponsoring and thank your patrons for their business.

Step Three: Be Proactive about Mess Prevention

Offer travel trays, innovative condiment packaging like new Heinz Dip & Squeeze Ketchup and spill resistant containers that give your guests a worry-free, on-the-go dining experience.