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Condiment Personalities

condiment personalities

If you love honey mustard, what does that say about you?

When it comes to condiment selection, variety and accessibility are of primary importance.

Customers prefer to see all available condiments on the menu, expect condiments to be accessible, and want the freedom to dress up their own sandwiches, salads, burgers, chicken and other foods. couple with fries

When we studied the habits of regular condiment users, three distinct personality types emerged:

  • Classics stick to the reliable classic they know they’ll enjoy. Classics need to see ranch dressing, honey mustard, mayonnaise and other staple condiments on the menu. The meal experience will be incomplete without these timeless favorites.
  • Variety seekers are looking for new tastes and flavors and want to create and mix ’n’ match flavors. Variety seekers need access to condiments front-of-house to experiment with flavor profiles.
  • Customizers want fresh and healthy options and recognize brand as paramount to ensure quality. Customizers need to see powerful brands such as Heinz and HP on the menu, which stand for quality in the consumer’s mind.

All condiment personality types trust brand names, primarily because they are consistent in taste and quality. They also provide a recognizable feeling of quality and confidence in an establishment. Unrecognizable brands raise customer suspicion and lead them to perceive operators and establishments that use them as being overly cost-conscious. Using trusted brands will keep customers coming back for the promise of quality and consistency.

Source: The Understanding and Insight Group LLC, “The Condiment Experience” Immersion Labs, March-April 2008